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Thank you for visiting lushvalley sound website.
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In using our website, there are some set “rules” and “important notices” we would like you to keep in mind as below.

Terms of Use

  • All sound sources on this website are copyright-free.
  • All sound sources on this website are available for use free of charge. 
  • Commercial use is also available. 
  • Please use our sound sources as part of your work or as part of event BGM. 
  • You can also edit sound files without our permission (e.g. altering file extension, inserting loop tags, etc.)
  • We appreciate if you either add “lushvalley sound” or a link to our website (https://lushvalley-sound.com) when using our sound contents.
  • The above is only a request and does not prohibit the use without acknowledgement.
  • Our sound sources are also available for a charge at Audiostock (some contents are not for sale). 
  • Due to the difference in our operation style (corporate and private), and also in terms of visibility, capital size, checking system, and in all other aspects, Audiostock by far surpasses our business capacity.
  •  If you prioritize credibility, please use Audiostock. 
  • If you prioritize cost and convenience, you are welcome to use our service. You can immediately download all contents and use them for free of charge.

Important Notice

  • We reserve the right to change, edit, or delete sound sources on our website without advance notice.
  • We reserve the right to change our website appearance and/or structure without advance notice.
  • Please first download the contents you intend to use.
  • Do not create direct links to the sound sources.
  • Do not sell, distribute, or post our sound sources in their original forms as your original.
  • SAe. reserves all rights concerning the sound sources. 
  • Make sure to use our sound sources as part of your original works, such as video clips, games, events, etc.
  • We reserve the right to amend these “Terms of Use”, “Important Notice”, and “Disclaimer” without advance notice. 


  • We will not be held responsible for any and all problems and/or damage, etc. arising in connection with the use of our sound sources. Please use our contents on your own responsibility.